This blog is all about how I interact with art on a regular basis. You’ll be privy to posts of my art musings and reviews of exhibitions, symposiums and art activities around the world.

Who am I?

Published Writer, Former Food Blogger and Emerging Art Historian, Eva Wong Nava combines her love for art with writing personal reviews and anecdotes.  She has led art tours at various institutions and has taught writing using works of art as talking points and inspiration.  Her flash fiction is published in various places, including Jellyfish Review and Flash Fiction Magazine.  Her art writings have appeared in several independent arts magazines.  She is dedicated to making writing about art an accessible activity for future generations.

Eva has a degree in English Literature and Language from the University of Hull, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from the Institute of Education, London, and an Art Writing qualification from Sotheby’s Institute of Art.  She is currently completing her dissertation for a Masters in Art History with the Open University, United Kingdom, on Byzantine art and its relationship with the Italian Renaissance.  She plans to write about the Renaissance later.



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