Madonna del Latte, the nursing Madonna.  Antonio gazes at Bergognone’s portrait; it’s 500 years old; immaculate.  Madonna looks hauntingly beautiful.  She gazes lovingly at her baby, the baby.  The baby who will save the world from darkness and sin.

Antonio understands sin.  The Madonna is handsomely beautiful; the cleft renders masculinity to her chin.  Her jaws are chiselled just like Tom’s and her silver grey complexion adds alterity.

The blessed child is nursing, left hand holding on to his mother’s solid breast.  His face is bloated in ecstatic rupture.  If only he could feel similarly; but Antonio prefers Tom’s taut chest.


Photo credit: Academia Carrara, Bergamo. To read more about Ambrosio Bergognone’s ‘Madonna Lactans’, go to:

1485, oil and gold on wood panel
61.6 (h) x 44.6 (w) cm.  Accademia Carrara, Bergamo
Legacy of Guglielmo Lochis 1866


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