CarpeArte Journal is closed to submissions during this period. Please check in again for our next submission window.

This space is for sharing fiction, articles, essays, poems and textual ramblings of the art sort. To read my responses to Jim Harrington’s Six Questions For… click this link.

I’m thrilled to give your labour of love a home.  But we have to work together on this.

For fiction, you’ll need to make sure what you’re penning is no more than 1,000 words and no less than 100 (100 – 1,000 words).  Flash fiction is the genre here.  I will certainly entertain fiction with 1,500 words but this is exceptional.  So flex your writing muscles and impress me with your stories.  Please send one per submission.

I’ll accept all types of poems. You can send me two in a single submission.

The word limit for essays is 1,500 words.  This is about a 15 minute read. Do support your essays with a bibliography. Only send me one essay at a time.

All writing must be inspired by an image.  This is our raison d’être, afteall. Send me that image as a jpeg document and don’t forget to credit the owner.  Please tell me how the image has inspired you.

I will review your image to see if it fits into our style guide. If not, I will choose an appropriate one which I feel will help the readers connect better with your story. The images also provide an art historical narrative under ‘Eva’s Comments’ for readers eager to learn more about art. Please see other stories for more information.

I may make some edits to your writing to fit our style guide, with your permission, of course. This just means punctuation and typos.

You will always be the owner of your work.

Do send me a Word document or copy your text onto the main body of the email.

Don’t forget to tell us about yourself. Send in an author bio with your submissions.

For submissions, please contact me:

[Thank you for all your contributions pouring in. CarpeArte Journal will be taking a timely hiatus for now. We apologise that we cannot reply to everyone personally due to the high volume of work we’re receiving. Thank you for you understanding.]

Did I mention that the image is courtesy of the Met Museum, Four Gospels in Armenian, 1434/5, tempera and gold on paper, stamp leather binding, (28.1 x 19.4 x 8.5 cm).